The Shamer’s Daughter VFX Breakdown by Storm Studios


The Shamer’s Daughter – VFX Breakdown by Storm Studios

Check out this awesome VFX Breakdown Reel: “The Shamer’s Daughter ” by the talented team Storm Studios.For more information, please see the details and links below:

Storm Studios talented team created some amazing dragons for the Danish fantasy feature film “The Shamer’s Daughter”. We completed a total of 140 shots, 65 of them with CG dragons in them. We also designed and built the fortress town of Dunark from scratch in 3D and added details like crowds in the streets, animals and smoke from the chimneys. The result is a beautiful environment that helps tell this compelling story and places the viewer in a believable imaginary world rich in detail.

It’s been a wonderful experience working with Nepenthe Film and director Kenneth Kainz, and the project allowed us to produce the most complex and impressive work to come out of Storm Studios to date. We’re very proud of the result and want to share this VFX breakdown to show how some of these impressive shots were put together.

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