Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle VFX breakdown by MPC


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – VFX breakdown by MPC

Website – http://www.moving-picture.com/

Check out this awesome VFX Breakdown for “”Jumanji” Led by MPC VFX Supervisor Bob Winter who worked closely with director Jake Kasden and overall VFX Supervisor Jerome Chen, MPC’s VFX team completing 160 shots for Jumanji.

The team’s work involved creating jungle animals including Jaguars, an Elephant, Black Mambas and a swarm of insects and varmint; digital doubles for Spencer, Martha and Fridge and CG environments for the film’s thrilling finale.

In the film’s final act Spencer rides a dirt bike up a huge 200ft jaguar statue in the jungle.To create this scene, the head of the statue was built practically for Duane Johnson to climb, with a green screen background. MPC were given a lidar scan of the head and then built the rest of the statue and background environments in CG. In the final movie, the motorcylist riding up the statue is real, however the environment is full CG.The rider was shot riding up a steep terrain in California, and then rotoscoped and added to the rocky statue environment built by MPC.

In addition to the animal and environment work, MPC’s FX team created the Jumanji curse effects shown at the beginning and end of the movie. This included transitioning Van Pelt from a human to a swarm of insects and varment and the green energy effects surrounds the Jewel.

Website – http://www.moving-picture.com/

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