VFX Composting Reel 2018 by Karim Moftah


VFX Composting Reel 2018 by Karim Moftah

Check out this latest VFX Composting Reel 2018 From the talented Karim Moftah.VFX senior Compositor, Video Editor, and Motion Graphic Designer my ten years of experience go from the feature film, advertising, short films, series, video clips. Also, he teaches Nuke to juniors For more information, please see the details and links below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6r… C


Mercury vs Team

As a VFX Compositor he is been involved in all task like camera tracking 2d and 3d, real plate – CGI integration, keying, cleanup, rotoscope, matte-painting, 3d projections and work in 3d space, also as a lead compositor he used to work in the look dev of sequences, contact sheet revision for continuity, research for tech solution and create gizmos based on Nuke.



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